Soul Sanctuary™ is a community & learning environment for women who are on their own personal journey of self discovery.

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Here's what you get when you join the Soul Sanctuary:

Access to the Circle, so you'll never feel alone again, this is "your safe haven" to authentically express yourself and receive support WHEN YOU NEED IT... Hot Seat Coaching and Healing from me to receive deep insight and wisdom cast over your challenges... ...Step-by-Step Proven Exercises to aid your personal and spiritual journey.  Expect "to blast through those blocks and obstacles that are getting in your way" of true happiness, freedom and fulfilment... Access to Expert Masterclass Audios and Playbooks including topics such as CALM meditation, how to Sell, gaining clarity, flow through your struggles and more... Plus you'll receive regular emails to "keep you on track for working on your inner being", so your outer world reflects all you desire... Every Quarter you will join us in person at the Live Gatherings where we laugh, cry, share, love and bond more deeply as a community...

....and much, MUCH more.

Plus You'll Also Get These Amazing Bonus Modules:

BONUS MODULE #1: 40 Days to a Brand New You – Set yourself up for Success by creating the Sacred Space within and around you, to allow shifts to take place on a daily basis
BONUS MODULE #2: Failure to Success In 3 Easy Steps – Use these three essential steps when the Law of Attraction (Ask, Believe, Receive) process doesn’t work for you!
BONUS MODULE #3: The Flow Through Process – This 5 step essential life hack works every time when you are experiencing struggle in your life rather than easy effortless flow. (the favourite and most popular tool used by the Soul Sanctuary community)

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Still Have Questions?

On the fence? Wondering if “The Soul Sanctuary” is right for you? The answer you need may be found below…

Natasha reached out to me when I was in a very dark place and her support and those within the Soul Sanctuary was exactly what I needed. The support is always there, Natasha is always there and we are always there.

Michelle Younique Atkin, Founding Member & Presenter UK at Younique

The Soul Sanctuary truly is a sanctuary of beautiful, supportive, loving, generous souls. A community of conscious kin who nurture, support, encourage, celebrate, and love one another, all hosted and beautifully led by Natasha. I am deeply grateful that Natasha and the Soul Sanctuary came into my life. Having always been a bit of a 'lone ranger', it wasn't easy for me to open up and allow myself to be supported in this way, but now I can not understand how I have never allowed this before. In this safe haven I can share anything - my deepest desires, my biggest dreams, my darkest fears, and I am always lovingly received, acknowledged, heard, and guided - and never judged. On top of that, the practical advice and practices Natasha shares which allow us to put into action the many principles of creation and attraction are truly life changing. I am so blessed to be a member of the Soul Sanctuary. The pod is growing & so am I.

Lynda Louise Mangoro, Creator - Artist - Writer - Designer

The Soul Sanctuary is a great space full of nurturing and support from like minded people. A wonderful safe space to share concerns, celebrate successes and receive healing and positive direction.

Sue Williams, Author

What a sanctuary! what an amazing place to BE. Thank you for creating this space Natasha, it's absolutely worth every penny to find peace of mind and a group of like minds. ♥

Carolyn Arnold, Nurturing Life Hypnotherapy

I was cautious when I first joined the Soul Sanctuary... how could a closed facebook group deliver real intimacy, friendship and support and why would these other women care about me and my life?. My concerns were born from past hurts of feeling let down, left out and misunderstood and I dallied with the idea of joining, even though my yearning to 'belong' was calling me on to say "yes". Two months in and I am beginning to flourish and relate to myself with new insight respect and love... Natasha has incredible discernment and an uncanny ability to wake up the sleeping parts of ourselves that may be hiding within, she guides the collective energy to open to more with a skilful understanding, which in turn delivers self awareness, compassion kindness and love for all of us in it's participation. This is a sanctuary in the full sense... arrive with your doubts and insecurities and know that the beautiful women here will accept you just the way you are, they will be on your side and celebrate you for all that you are and all that you think you are not. This virtual oasis will provide a coming home to your true self and it is this very 'virtual' aspect that I now see as a perfect, the inner work is my journey and I need to take it alone if I am to reveal the true inner flavour of me and my 'my soul'. I am so grateful to be here, I am so grateful for my soul sisters... I am so grateful that Natasha invited me.

Pollie Ash, Highcliffe

The Soul Sanctuary is exactly that, a place to safely share myself. A haven of love, understanding and non judgement and most of all encouragement. I love the women this Sanctuary has brought together, we are all so different but yet all the same. The support amongst the sisters is incredible and I am eternally grateful to Natasha for bringing us together.

Ellen Carlson, Soul Sanctuary Sister

The Soul Sanctuary is such an amazing group of people. It's a nurturing space where you can come to share anything about your life or to ask for advice or help. A place where you will feel loved, respected and supported so that you can really be yourself and feel very safe to do so. It's a place where everyone is your friend even if you don t know them very well.

Susie Tinson, Soul Sanctuary Sister

Wow! I am not even sure I can put in to words what the Soul Sanctuary has meant to me. I was hiding in the spiritual closet, so to speak, unable to be who I really am and do what I was put here to do. When I joined the Soul Sanctuary, it was a life-changing experience! I finally had a safe place to be me! How many groups and Facebook groups really can offer you that feeling of acceptance, support, matter what you're going through. This wonderful and special group of women has allowed me to step more fully into my Divine Path and Purpose without looking back. Isn't that what we are all here to do? Thank you, Natasha, and all my beautiful Soul Sanctuary sisters for helping me transform my life and blossom! Our leader and the friendships we have created are priceless. xxxx

Mindee Urban Beaver, Soul Sanctuary Sister

The Soul Sanctuary is a space that has being created for us to join together in union and love. Our journey on earth is not meant to be alone. We can all help each other to grow and become stronger loving people. This will then spread to everyone else you know. The Soul Sanctuary is value for money. I have been on my spiritual path for 7 years and have picked up lots of new tools and techniques to help maintain happiness, an open heart and manifestation. It's also a fantastic way of meeting and communicating with like minded loving people. It's all about connection and expansion in Love and Light.

Sarah Louisa O'Looney, Soul Sanctuary Sister

Oh man!! If I could express to you what this woman and this group of women have done for me in only three months I would probably just do it by grabbing your hand and taking you back down the path I've just walked. I feel SO different in only a few months and have reaped back the investment I made in this group in the first week emotionally. Natasha is one of the most loving people I have ever met and this group just keeps giving and giving. It provides me with a group of women and friends who are all on the same path as me in some way and 24/7 support when ever I need it. You will love it and love yourself even more xxx

Jen Claire, Soul Sanctuary Sister

It is exactly what it says on the tin - a sanctuary for your soul. It is a place where you can just BE, where you can share, you can love, you can dream, you can hope, you can cry, you can console and be consoled, and you can do all this in a community that holds you up to your highest self. It is a place of friendship and warmth. It is a place I choose to come everyday, even if it's just to check in briefly and see how everyone is doing. It is a place where I have allowed myself to open up, learn my gifts and then share them freely, and in return I get so much more. I am learning the true meaning of abundance by being a member of this beautiful sacred space, and I thank Natasha for creating it, guiding us and letting it grow into what it has become - beautiful! x

Jules Mulcahy, Director at Damsels In Success
Click Here To Join The Soul Sanctuary Today!

Soul Sanctuary™ Risk Free Gurantee

Your investment is protected by our 30-Day “Free Look” Policy. Here’s how it works: You have a full 30 days to preview “The Soul Sanctuary™” If you decide during that time that the Soul Sanctuary™ is not right for you, just let us know and we'll cancel your membership…no questions asked.